Mortgage Brokers

As a direct lender Evergreen offers true underwriting flexibility. We’re not afraid of unique, it just has to make sense. Our Common Sense Lending™ doesn’t just apply to residential real estate, also: small commercial / industrial, mix-use, cross collateral, corporate ownership…

For circumstances falling outside Evergreen’s criteria we offer access to a variety of additional private lenders for whom we administer.  Fees (split with broker) typically apply in these circumstances and are fully disclosed prior to borrowers incurring any obligations.

Questions about a file? Call or email us today.


Our preferred lending areas include: Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, southern Vancouver Island, and major urban BC centers.

Our maximum LTV is unique to each situation.  If it makes sense we want to lend.

We do not have a minimum credit score requirement.

We do not have a maximum GDS/TDS limit. If it makes sense we want to lend.

You can send us your file by email, fax, or just give us a call to get started.

Common Sense Lending™​