Private Lenders

Private Lenders  - Private individuals and companies enter into non-traditional lending/borrowing situations for many reasons (business finance, vendor take backs, investment…). Over the last decade “arm's length” private mortgage lending as a passive investment has also dramatically increased in popularity due to its relative security and cash flow reliability, when done properly.  Borrowers have a vast span of services available to them in these situations from a deep supply of mortgage brokers with skills sharpened to look out for their best interests. Evergreen is on your side of the table - offering Lenders:

Confidence -- We can help you achieve your goals from a Lender’s perspective. Traditional mortgage brokers can bring tremendous value to their borrower clients but being a seasoned borrower advocate seldom exercises the skills required for educated “best practices” lending guidance. 

Risk Management -- Real estate value is only part of the equity equation. What else can affect your equity position?  Don’t learn through worst case scenario, we can show you how to measure and account for various (often commonly) overlooked risks.

Time To Grow Your Business – We help you focus on getting your capital working. Our experience helps safeguard not only your money but your time & reputation as well.


We provide Mortgage Administration Services & customized Professional Services to both private individuals and large scale institutional private lenders.


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