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Common Sense Lending  - At Evergreen Mortgage we take pride in our slogan and believe it sums up our vision very well.  We understand that everybody’s situation is different and take the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish so we can provide not only a loan approval, but a loan that's right for you.

Whether you are consolidating your debts, renovating your home, investing in your business, paying for education, or for any other reason, our home equity loan program can get you fast access to the cash you’ve stored up in the equity in your home.  If you’ve been shopping around you’ve probably heard this claim before so, what separates us from the crowd?  We lend our own money so we make our own lending decisions.

As the lender, we set our own policies, our own procedures and we administer the loans that we provide.  Our lending process is really quite simple, at our core Evergreen is an equity lender. Simply said, our first step in the process is to determine how much we can lend against your real estate. This amount can vary from property to property (contact us for info on what your property qualifies for). From there we determine in what way you will have the ability to repay the loan. This is where our experience and flexibility shines. To us, monthly payments are only one way to repay a loan (ask us about our interest accrual mortgages, balloon payments, interim financing...) Of course this doesn’t mean that real estate is our only concern, we just try to keep an open mind and apply common sense to every situation that comes our way.


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